Thursday, October 16, 2008

Le Cordon Bleu Experience

Three years ago, I received a hands-on dessert making class at Le Cordon Bleu as my birthday present from Frank. The theme of the class was Festive Dessert. I was so happy when I knew that I was going to be a Le Cordon Bleu student for one day.

The day finally came. It was about 30 people in the class and everyone was waiting anxiously. The class was in English (at least that's what it was intended to be). However, Chef Pagés is French, and sometimes it's hard for him to find all his words in English... It means that it's hard for me to understand every word he said.

Chef Pagés made Chalet Montagnard in the demonstration part of the class. This chocolate cake built chalet, with a chocolate sleigh on the side is a more sophisticated, adult version of gingerbread house. It will be the perfect dessert to show off at Christmas dinner if you can repeat the thousand steps to make this impressive looking dessert.

After tasting the Chalet Montagnard, the practical part of the class began. We moved to the kitchen from the demonstrating room. I pair up with a guy called Pablo, who also received the class as a present. Since I'm so obsessed with making everything from scratch, I was a little bit disappointed about the set up. I want a dessert made by ME!

Everyone is making the same dessert and it is Bûche au marrons confits. It's a chestnut mousse log coated with white chocolate. In order to save time and minimize mistake, all the ingredients were already measured for us. (another disappointment... I want to do everything MYSELF!) Also, the almond dacquoise (the base of the log) was pre-made. Chef Pagés also shared his crème brûlée receipe with us.

I brought home half of a Bûche au marrons confits. (Have to share with Pablo) Frank was very impressed with the final product.

I decided to make this dessert for Frank's friend's Christmas party. I just want to make it from scratch, all by myself. It turned out very nice. I made some meringue mushroom for decoration which really impressed the kids at the party.

It was an enjoyable experience making dessert at Le Cordon Bleu. I would love to take a pastry making course day...