Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dark Espresso Chocolate Cake

I mentioned before that I'm not crazy about white chocolate. On the contrary, dark chocolate is always my favorite. I like its complexity. I found that white chocolate has no character. However, there was once I tried a bar of white chocolate that had Kalamata olives in it. The combination might sound weird but the taste was unbelievably good. It made the world's difference for that plain old white chocolate.

Back to the cake. This dark espresso chocolate cake wasn't hard to make. I have another recipe very similar to this one. They both called for a large quantity of coffee/espresso which made the batter very runny. I don't agree with the name of this cake because you won't taste the coffee/espresso from the cake. (The recipe called for Kahlua and I would definitely skip it next time. It tasted very artificial.) The espresso was there to enhance the chocolate flavour. I have a couple of friends who are not coffee fans. I didn't even bother telling them that it had coffee in the cake. (I do that from time to time. As long as they are not allergic to the ingredient, that's the bottom line.) Of course, they both love the rich chocolate flavour of the cake... Now, only you, me and God knows where that richness came from...

The bitter chocolate glaze on the cake made this cake looked very pretty. You can even see the reflection of the garnish on the top of the cake.

I will suggest having this cake with a glass of dessert wine instead of a cup of espresso. So that my non-coffee-fan friends can enjoy it freely. (evil grin)